RAID Level 50


Mirroring and Striping across multiple RAID levels

RAID level 50 is a combination of RAID level 5 and RAID level 0. RAID 50 includes both parity and disk striping across multiple drives. RAID 50 is best implemented across two RAID 5 arrays with data striped across both disk arrays. RAID 50 breaks the data into smaller blocks, and then stripes the blocks to each RAID 5 raid set. RAID 5 breaks up data into smaller blocks, calculates parity by performing and Exclusive OR on the blocks, and then writes the blocks of data and parity to each drive in the array. The size of each block is determined by the stripe size parameter, which is set when the RAID is created.


RAID level 50 can sustain one to four drive failures while maintaining data integrity if each failed disk is in a different RAID 5 array.

Offers highest level of redundancy and performance


Very costly to implement

RAID level 50


Data warehousing